Did Nevada ban TikTok on government devices?

29 April 2023


In a March 6, 2023, memo, Nevada’s Department of Administration provided a list of items “prohibited on state-owned devices, networks, and platforms” because of cybersecurity concerns. That list includes TikTok, as well as other Chinese-owned apps, software and hardware.

Suspicions that the Chinese government may force TikTok to share U.S. user data have led to renewed congressional efforts to ban the app nationwide.

Nevada joined 27 other states with TikTok bans on state government devices. In December, President Joe Biden approved a spending bill that banned TikTok on most federal government devices.

About a dozen other countries and the European Union have banned TikTok on government devices, according to the Associated Press. A few of them, such as India and Afghanistan, have banned TikTok altogether.

TikTok does not operate in China; the privately owned parent company, ByteDance, offers a different app to Chinese customers.

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