Fact Briefs: Cropland and Lake Mead

17 April 2023

Online misinformation is rampant, and shows no signs of slowing down.

That’s why The Nevada Independent is partnering with The Gigafact Project — an initiative to safeguard democracy and spread accurate information through a dramatic ramp-up in accurate, high-quality fact checks.

This effort directly addresses claims circulating on social media, confirming or correcting the record through well-sourced, short-form fact briefs. You can see a full list of all fact briefs published by The Indy on this page, and learn more about the partnership here.

To help promote this effort and grant additional visibility to fact briefs produced by The Indy, we’ll be publishing this weekly roundup on Mondays to give readers a chance to review and catch up on all of the fact briefs produced throughout the previous week.

Have you seen a claim online that you want fact-checked? Send us a link here.

Here’s a list and link to all fact briefs published by The Indy last week:

Does Nevada have one of the lowest percentages of cropland in the US?

Has climate change accelerated the depletion of Nevada’s Lake Mead?

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