Has Tesla laid off workers in Nevada?

13 March 2023


A June 2022 lawsuit by two former Nevada Gigafactory workers alleges that about 500 people were laid off without proper notice, which they say violates the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

The precise number of layoffs is unclear but they came eight years after Nevada offered the company $1.25 billion in tax abatements for meeting specific investment, job creation and economic development goals. At the time, this tax credit package was one of the 10 largest in the U.S.

In its 2022 report on the Gigafactory tax deal, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development reported the facility had employed 10,521 “qualified employees” at an average compensation of $49.71 per hour. Tesla reported an estimated total combined investment in Nevada of $6.2 billion.

Tesla announced in January that it will expand its operations in Nevada and hire 3,000 additional workers — plans that won the company additional tax credits from the state.

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