Is it legal to grow marijuana in Nevada?

23 March 2023


Adults 21 and over can legally grow a small number of marijuana plants at home for their personal consumption in the state of Nevada, as long as there is no state-licensed retail marijuana storefront within 25 miles.

Home growers are limited to six plants a person, and 12 plants per household. The grower must own the property where the plants are being grown or have legal permission from the owner, and the plants must not be visible from a public space.

Marijuana was legalized for medicinal use in November 2000, without a provision to allow for patients to obtain medical marijuana other than by growing their own.

Signed into law in June 2013, SB374 permitted the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, but imposed more limits on the practice of growing at home.

Marijuana ultimately was legalized for recreational use in November 2016, with restrictions regulating its growth and sale.

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