Is it possible to ski at Lake Tahoe in July?

31 March 2023


In March 2023, the Palisades Tahoe ski resort announced plans to remain open until July 4. This is not the first time Tahoe area resorts have remained open into July. In 2017, 2011 and 1995, ski resorts were also open as late as July. According to the Central Sierra Snow Lab, those years were three of the 10 snowiest on record in the region, as is 2023 with 651 inches of snow through March 13. The lab recorded 812 inches of snow in 1952, the most ever.

Typically, most ski resorts in Lake Tahoe open around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and close in mid-to-late April.

Timberline Lodge in Oregon provides the longest ski season in North America, with nearly year-round skiing. Resorts with higher elevations and more north-facing terrain tend to have longer seasons. 

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